Tonebender Mk 1

Tonebender Mk 1

This is my Sola Sound Tonebender Mk 1 clone. It was built professionally hand wired point to point on my request, has a matched set of PNP OC75 germanium transistors from Small Bear and period correct NOS carbon film resistors and capacitors.  After having had this baby in a regular standard enclosure for some time, I decided to put it into a faithful period correct metal enclosure which looks much, much cooler now, doesn’t it?!

Due to the resulting positive ground of the PNP trannies it cannot be daisy chained with other “regular” pedals with a common power supply without harm (unless the power supply has isolated outputs). Never mind, I use it anyway with a battery.

The Mk 1 is THE Tonebender in my opinion. It has the most character and texture. It isn’t as thick and smooth and hasn’t the sustain of the Mk 2, it even gates a bit, but this is more than compensated by its raw brutality, harmonics and edge, no other pedal can deliver in my opinion. Almost every time when somebody asks “how do you get this awesome guitar sound?” the chances are very high that this Mk 1 Tonebender is involved.

It’s my absolute favourite Fuzz pedal. If I had just to keep one Fuzz, I would keep this one! Highly recommended for any heavy Stoner Sound for instance!

Here it is in action, the heavy rhythm guitar, that’s the Tonebender Mk 1:

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