HIWATT DR 504 Clone

HIWATT DR 504 Clone

Well, this is the most useless musical item I’ve got. A 50W HIWATT DR 504 clone made by German technician Peter Linnemann who has done a brilliant job, custom built on request. I had in mind giging again, so I bought this baby. What a great amp! Perfect basis for pedals, great incredibly loud clean sound. Got a f*** expensive Mullard in V1 and it has got Heyboer Transformers. A dream! It is made after the original specs of an early 70s model. Even the layout of the parts and turret board wiring is the original. I mounted the HIWATT logo, as it just looks better, no intention to fool anybody!

Inner Values

Well, I decided to concentrate on recording and the chances meeting me on stage are very low, so probably this baby will never be able to really show what it is really capable of. I would operate it with a 2×12″ Celestion Greenback cabinet. This combo sounds killer and its really a pity it cannot show its strengths.

Original layout

As I said, a perfect pedal basis, a dream with a Big Muff, a Marshall with a Plexi
pedal, able to visit Fender territory with the right feed. With the right input you get the right sound.

Maybe one day I will have the chance to go really loud with it again.

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