Tele Partscaster

Tele Partscaster

This is my Tele. It’s not my most expensive guitar, it’s even my cheapest one, but its my favourite guitar for certain things.

It was, in the beginning, a Squier CV50 Tele. Now, only the knobs, the switch tip and the strap locks are left from this heritage, is it still a Squier?

The body is now a blond relic MJT Ash body. The original one was so heavy as a 70s Les Paul. Now, with this one, the whole guitar is under 3 kg!! The neck is a beautifull quarter sawn from usa custom guitars. And I’ve changed the pickups to Bareknuckle Blackguard ’55 Stagger pickups which are just fantastic. The tuners are Kluson Double line tuners now. Glendale saddles do the rest. Bridgeplate, Tuners, Electronics completely changed … so is it still a Squier? 😉

This guitar is amazing! It has a clear mission. This is not my handsome play-along guitar, this is my secret weapon. I could remove the neck pickup and make it an Esquire, its my first choice for distorted leads. It is so resonant, has so many upper harmonics and is cutting like a Katana knife. The bridge pickup is absolute killer for this! But also for more moderate styles this guitar gives a nice, bell like and very transparent and clean tone, both for chords and single notes. But again, first of all this is my absolute no brainer for Fuzz lead sounds.

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