Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Now a SSS Strat

This was my first guitar after coming back to business.  This baby really brought me back to playing guitar after years of absence.  I have had sold all my stuff years ago and now I wanted to have an all-round guitar and a real classic in one, so I decided for an alder HSS American Standard Stratocaster from Fender. I found this one when demoing a lots of Strats at my dealer. It’s a 2014 model.

Very soon I realized, that the humbucker does not please me right. After some experiments with changing humbuckers, splitting humbuckers and so on I wanted to just have a classic standard SSS configuration.

But, the bridge pickup should have some beef. I ended up with a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 which I very much preferred over a Texas Special which I also tried out. It currently accompanies a CS69 in the neck position and a Leosounds Fireball in the middle position, which is quite similar to a RW/RP CS69. Well, the change of the pickguard made the guitar more cool I think, I love tortoise (not only the band).

Was a HSS Strat

This guitar is my universal nobrainer guitar! What ever comes around, comes around. From nice, warm, woody cleans to beefed up heavy distorted, everything goes. It’s funky, it’s sweet, it has got that Hendrix vibe and it can go really mean.

For many applications and styles, I have an immediate choice, which guitar to take. If not, that’s the one and it will not disappoint me! Good in every territory.

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