Craaft by Solton CV-50

Craaft by Solton CV-50

This was my first ever guitar amplifier! It’s a Craaft by Solton CV-50 tube amplifier. It has 50W, 1×12″ speaker. It has got a real spring reverb. It has got 4xPL84 (not EL84!) tubes which is quite unusual for a guitar amp, normally you only find this type of tubes in TVs. Probably you don’t know this thingy. I wouldn’t either if that would not be mine. I bought it in the 80s, don’t know exactly when and demoed it against a Kitty Hawk, thats the only one I can remember, and some others. What made me decide for it was the distorted sound back then … but later more about this.

Very soon I bought my first top/cab, since then it stood in the basement of my parents house. 2 years ago I diceded to look after it, realized that it sounded really cool, brought it to service, new tubesĀ and did an optical upgrade. Now it looks really nice, no longer has its 80s style metal grill. Have a look how it looked like originally, then you will understand me!

But now the most important thing: sound! The distorted sound is absolutely terrible! It has this typical artificial 80s distorted sound, just add a bit of too much chorus and you nail it šŸ˜‰ I don’t know what drove me toĀ like this sound back then! But the clean sound!!! This is absolutely stunning! Together with the original speaker, from Craaft as well, it has a very nicely compressed yet reactive, juicy, warm and scooped Fender like sound which is just fun to play! And the springĀ reverb is just cool! I tried out some other speakersĀ but came back to the originnal one.

I had it for some months in my living room, but 50 watts still a bit too much for this scenario. It’s back in my basement, and I plug into it here and then. Will never sell it, maybe …

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