Cubase Elements 9In the old analog days recording was really complicated, starting with the whole bunch of equipment, the space and the facilities you needed .

Working with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is much easier, but … starting with a DAW isn’t as intuitive as you might think. For me it definitely wasn’t. I once tried a Cubase version I cannot recall and I was completely lost! Too many options, too many toggles, sliders, switches … if you just want to record some tracks this is completely overwhelming you in the first instance.

So I was happy to have someone who could show me how it works. I took his tool so I could ask him how to do things. This was very helpful. An old friend brought me to digital home recording. He used Magix Samplitude Musicstudio 2016 and that’s what I used then as well.

After some time and experience and first promising, I realized that the Magix software wasn’t the optimum for me. Maybe it was just a compatibility issue but I got stability issues with my laptop so I decided to try out the good old Cubase. And that’s where I am now. I use Cubase Elements 9. this works fine, stable and I even think about upgrading to Cubase Artist 9 but just because the side chain compression feature. As you can see I am a bit more into DAW now. If you have some experience and have worked with one tool, it’s not a real problem to go for another one.

So, no fear go ahead! If you’ve got someone to ask, perfect, if not, RTFM and take a look at the many online tutorials on YouTube. It’s well worth the effort!For me a whole new universe opened up with digital home recording.

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