Gibson Les Paul 1974

Gibson Les Paul 1974 Deluxe Converted
Gibson Les Paul 1974 Deluxe Converted

This one is a 1974 Gibson Les Paul. It was once a Deluxe and has been converted to Humbuckers long before I bought it. The conversion wasn’t done too perfect (as often), but you don’t see anything unless you unmounted the pickups. A perfect re-fret was done once, so they are in a very good shape.

This is a so called “Norlin years” Gibson, which are said to vary in quality very much due to changes in the production process and used material. This said, this is one which is very good in tone, it’s very resonant and just fun to play.

When I bought it, it had Seymour Duncan Antiquities installed. Those are very nice pickups, but for my personal taste the have been a bit too muddy and lush in the low end. So I changed the pickups to more period correct ones. One original Gibson T-Top in the neck position, one Manlius T-Top replica in the bridge position. This was addressing the muddiness but lacked a bit of character, hard to say in which way, but it all sounded a bit lifeless.

1974 Les Paul Deluxe Converted
My Les Paul with BKP The Mule Pickups

Then I talked to the nice and helpful guys from Bareknuckle Pickups and they proposed their Alnico 4 “The Mule” Pickups and I have to say, they’ve nailed it! It now has all, and is everything I’d expect from this guitar. Tight but warm, precise but with character.

Like almost all of my guitars this is one which I would not like to miss. I don’t use it as often as some others but if, this baby inspires me and I play things which I don’t play on others. With this I often fall into playing blues, nevertheless I often use it for fat, heavy chord work.

This guitar has a super tone, a great attack and sustain and a great amount of dirt combined with sweetness. A Les Paul how it should be. Great to have this guitar!

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