Analog Man – Sun Face BC 183

Analogman Sun Face BC183
Analog Man Sun Face BC183

That’s a funny one! I once bought this pedal directly from Analog Mike. Actually I wanted to buy a Prince of Tone and I thought, well if you spend that much money on shipping from the U.S. why not shop just another pedal.

These times I didn’t like it too much. This might have had something todo with my setup back then, so I sold it after some time. I received a good amount of money as these pedals are quite rare here in Europe.

After some time when I moved more and more into Fuzz territory, I really regretted this trade! I wanted again a Silicon Fuzz Face and that’s what it is. One day I saw one on the bay and it was exactly my pedal which I have sold. I did bid and got the pedal back even cheaper than I sold it some months before 🙂

Now I again have a Silicon Fuzz Face, one with BC183 trannys which are said to be more on the smooth side of Silicon transistors. It doesn’t have too much gain, but enough to make lots of noise, esopecially into a Big Muff! That’s where it really blooms! I don’t like it too much alone, well it is not bad but I prefer a Germanium Fuzz Face over this one when not stacking the Fuzz Face.

The lead parts are this baby into a Big Muff:

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