IdiotBox Ron Swanson – Super Fuzz

IdiotBox Ron Swanson
IdiotBox Ron Swanson

I love this pedal! Shin-Ei Super Fuzz isĀ one of the kings of pedals! Together with the Fuzz Face, the TonebenderĀ and the Big Muff imho this is also one of the all time evergreens of Fuzz! Pete Townsend, Beasty Boys, Monster Magnet, J Mascis, Josh Homme, just to name a few were using these pedals.

The interesting bit is, that they have two completely different sounds on board! One is that heavily scooped power riff sound that builds guitar walls. The other is that (sometimes) octave up singing, yet gnarly typical 60s fuzz sound.

This IdiotBox pedal is a great recreation of the famous Super Fuzz. And it looks cool! Never seen that US TV series but as long as it sounds as it does its one of my favourites. Solo and stacked, both sound modes enrich your variety of fuzz sounds and should not be missed!

OK, the crazy lead parts are the Ron Swanson:

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