MJM London Fuzz – Ge Fuzz Face

MJM London Fuzz – Ge Fuzz Face

Another Fuzz Face, my London Fuzz from MJM. This is a Germanium Fuzz Face and I think it is a good one. I haven’t owned another one, so I can’t judge. I just investigated about Fuzz Faces and the MJM ones always came up as affordable geed representatives of their family, so I gave it a try.

Fuzz Faces tend to get real boomy in the low end when driven harder and it’s the same with this animal. It has its strength in the low to medium gain sector. Guitar volume rolled back a bit and it starts to really shine! Sparkling bliss and rich textures are available in manifold characteristics from almost clean with a bit of hair up to quite some Fuzz with a little twist of the volume knob of your guitar. It has a Bias knob which allows to adjust according to the room temperature as Germanium transistors are very sensitive to temperature. Further this knob is another sound shaping option, I like it best a little under biased, I think it has the most beautiful textures then.

I think Ge Fuzz Face is the most versatile Fuzz circuit of all, as you can get very diverse sounds out of it. However, it works best with single coils, a Strat is the perfect match.

Soon I’ll get another Germanium Fuzz Face, from a very well known American Fuzz Face builder. I’ll compare and will see if I keep both or sell one. This baby will be hard to beat!

The lead guitar that accompanies the spoken words is this one:

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