Gibson J-45

Gibson J45
Gibson J45

I am not an Acoustic Guitar guy! I you are interested why you might find answers in my About Me section. However I owned one for some time and indeed found it useful for creating some sounds in some songs where an Acoustic really fits well. Then I made a big mistake. I tried a good one in a shop! This was a Breedlove, absolutely ugly looking, but great sounding compared to what I was used to hear when playing my own.

Unfortunately after this experience it was clear to me that I had to align the quality of my Acoustic Guitar to the level of my Electric ones, so I went to another dealer with a bigger stock of different models. After the Breedlove experience I somehow was focused on a smaller body, sort of a Concert body, which the Breedlove had.

After trying out some models it was clear though that a classical Dreadnought body was the one which convinced me more than everything else. I tried the typical suspects, Taylor, Martin, Cort, Gibson and some others, when the Gibson J-45 convinced me the most! The dealer, who even outed himself as not a big fan of the J-45, had to admit that it sounded best of all guitars that I played, so it seemed to be the best match.

It’s warm sounding, it’s sort of forgiving, its a reliable companion and a song writing machine! You take it in your hands, play some chords and bingo, another new song idea is born. So, if once I might run out of ideas, what will not happen too soon, I’ll just have to grab this baby and I will be cured! Promised!

After having purchased it and taken it home I only then recognized the crappy craftsmanship this guitar was built with having my glasses on. Some parts looked as if my 5 yo son had tried to paint or glue them together. The nut was a bit misplaced, the color of the body was on the neck and so on. After complaining at the dealer he said that this is quite usual with Gibson guitars nowadays and the company is not very open receiving these complaints. They seem to have the standpoint, if you’d like to have  a Gibson and the Gibson sound, then you have to live with it! No wonder their financial situation is not the best, as I have heard … I asked the dealer if they have another model which maybe was of a better built quality. They said, no, they just have got a B-stock model. I had a look at it and it looked better than my regular model, sounded the same and was even cheaper! So I took this one and got a significant amount of money back from the dealer … crazy … 😉

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