Gibson ES-335 1968

Gibson ES-335 1968
Gibson ES-335 1968

OK, that’s my precious! A 1968 Gibson ES-335, original, except a refret and new tuners. OK, and the nylon saddles got replaced once by some metal ones. Last year before Christmas I was visiting a vintage guitar store near by. There was a 1968 ES-335, original condition and I felt immediately in love! The slim neck, which many people complain about on these models does not really hurt me. OK, it is slim and of course it takes a bit of time to get used to it (especially when coming back to other necks!) but if you know what you can do good with it and what not, it’s perfect.

Unortunately, my financial ability to afford this baby was not 100% secured, so I could not immediately buy this baby. I asked the guy at the shop if he could sort of reserve this guitar for me, but he wouldn’t. He told me that most probably it will be sold in the next one or two weeks, if I don’t buy it right away.

And so it came … a week later it was gone …

One more week later, what a coincident, I spotted another 1968 at another dealer, more or less same price, a bit more rocked and most important, my money was available this time 🙂 So, no long hesitation, I went there, played it, bought it! It was even better than the other one!

This guitar is incredible! It has so much mojo, every tone feels like it had waited for about 45 years now to be played. It’s so dynamic, so full of body but also subtle and articulate, warm but clear, bluesy, jazzy tones, rock, funk, it just does it!  Cool move, I never thought that I someday would afford buying such a diamond!

That’s it:

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