Style and limitations

I have found a fantastic blog post from heartscore where the development of guitar playing, especially the guitar solo in rock music during the last decades is analysed very well as I think!

You do not have to agree to everything which is said, especially about your favourite guitar hero 😉 However I was very happy to find, at least inbetween the lines a fact which I think is not recognised as much as it should be.

The relationsship between style and the limitations of your playing.

Style is present, if you play certain Things and you don’t play certain other things. Style is present if you play things in a certain way and don’t play things in another certain way.

This all is limitation. This limitation can have several reasons, either self chosen limitations or limitations that came with the way you learned playing the guitar, or of course because you are not talented or don’t practise enough!

I like the argument in above blog post that all our classic guitar heroes which no doubt have (had) style, were approaching guitar playing by listening to music in the radio and then maybe tried to (re-)play this. Maybe this song was played only next week again, so there was a week time to play it in their personal way!

Today there is YouTube and every more or less talented player is able to have lessons for free, practising all kinds of guitar pieces until they have it done “right”. Which means they have succeeded to copy as much as possible what the original has done. This results in players that are able to copy certain Things and others that are able to copy many things and become arbitrary. Of course there are exceptions but there is a certain visible trend.

It may be provokative but I like this thoughts! Have a look at the blog post from heartscore it’s worth reading and keep on rocking the way you do!

I enjoy having some boundaries to work within. That’s why I generally don’t like alternate tunings and stuff like that. I like the boundaries of regular tunings. (J Mascis)