Celestion Speaker

However with my selection of guitars and Fuzz I am more or less on the old fashioned side of music, nowadays I hardly play real Amps. I used to, when I was playing in bands, Tubes, 100W, 4×12″, what else?!

Nowadays, playing at home in the living room, or recording in the mans cave requires other features, which a Plexi or a Hiwatt cannot deliver. It has to be flexible, however has to sound killer even at bedroom volume levels when wife and children are already in bed.

Currently I mainly play into a computer with an amp simulation that can handle Fuzz pedals in front of the audio interface. Of course I still have some real amps for different reasons, that I will present here.

Craaft by Solton CV-50
This was my first ever guitar amplifier! It’s a Craaft by Solton CV-50 tube amplifier. It has 50W, 1×12″ speaker.
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HIWATT DR 504 Clone
Well, this is the most useless musical item I’ve got. A 50W HIWATT DR 504 clone made by German technician
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