Recording brought me to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ¬†which then opens you a whole new universe of amazing possibilities. I don’t mean synths and stuff. To be honest I don’t like synths. I appreciate organs and SOME analog synth sounds, but react allergic on the typical synthie string bullshit and chorus of angels stuff.

I mean in general the possibilities to produce, to mix, to edit, to loop. I mean drums for example. I am a guitarist, can play some basic bass, but I can’t do drums. I mean amp simulation which allow you to produce great guitar sounds without hearing loss. I mean plugins that help you in the whole process from recording to mastering.

There is so  much in it for musicians, even for the old fashioned which prefer real guitars and Fuzz pedals. More about this here on this page.

In the old analog days recording was really complicated, starting with the whole bunch of equipment, the space and the
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Everything starts with an interface. Well, a computer isn’t bad either, but I assume you have got one already. If
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