J Mascis Rams Head Big Muff

I love Fuzz! Fuzz pedals are one essential part of my guitar sound. Nothing but Fuzz gives you the richness, the texture, the character, the dirt, the nastiness, the liveliness, the organics only a Fuzz can give to your guitar tone.

Alone or stacked, into a clean or dirty amp, guitar volume up or down, Fuzz pedals give you endless possibilities to shape your tone to where it should be.

I like one trick ponys! I don’t like to fiddle around much. When I like to have a sound, I’d like to grab the right pedal and that’s it. For sure a Fuzz Factory is a great pedal, but I would probably go crazy with one of these.

Stay tuned, I’ll present my Fuzz pedals here, one after the other, with their strengths and charming weaknesses. Where available, I’ll provide a link to a recording where the pedal is used.

MJM London Fuzz – Ge Fuzz Face
Another Fuzz Face, my London Fuzz from MJM. This is a Germanium Fuzz Face and I think it is a
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IdiotBox Ron Swanson – Super Fuzz
I love this pedal! Shin-Ei Super Fuzz is one of the kings of pedals! Together with the Fuzz Face, the Tonebender and
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ProCo Rat
OK, this is not a Fuzz, but as far as I know it was intended to sound like one. I
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Analog Man – Sun Face BC 183
That’s a funny one! I once bought this pedal directly from Analog Mike. Actually I wanted to buy a Prince
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The Caprid – Big Muff Clone
As I am not willing to afford getting me a real Rams Head Big Muff, I decided to go Boutique and
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Tonebender Mk 1
This is my Sola Sound Tonebender Mk 1 clone. It was built professionally hand wired point to point on my request,
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