T-Top Pickup

After a long journey I came eventually to the conclusion that I really prefer the classic guitar models of the two big brands that have written the history of Rock’n’Roll.

Too long I have wasted my time with “Super Strats”, “Les Paul Killers” and so on. I have gone back to the real deal, to the guitars which my idols used to play their fantastic music and they still do.

Not sure when I will have enough guitars, there are still some left which I would really enjoy! I’ll show you my babies, one after the other and tell you why I love them, each one for another reason.

Gibson ES-335 1968
OK, that’s my precious! A 1968 Gibson ES-335, original, except a refret and new tuners. OK, and the nylon saddles
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Gibson J-45
I am not an Acoustic Guitar guy! I you are interested why you might find answers in my About Me section.
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Fender Highway One Precision Bass
This is a Fender Precision Bass. It’s a Highway One, the one with the high mass bad ass bridge. I
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Gibson Les Paul 1974
This one is a 1974 Gibson Les Paul. It was once a Deluxe and has been converted to Humbuckers long
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Fender American Standard Stratocaster
This was my first guitar after coming back to business.  This baby really brought me back to playing guitar after years
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Tele Partscaster
This is my Tele. It’s not my most expensive guitar, it’s even my cheapest one, but its my favourite guitar
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